Welcome! Are you in need of drawings of as-builts? Here you can find a business that focuses on providing as-built services. The businesses listed are located in a variety of different regions in the United States and Canada.


AADDS | Alberta As-Builts & Design Drafting Services Ltd. was established to provide expertise to the Petro Chemical Industry. We are a consortium of multi-disciplinary technical associates providing a variety of services from facility as-building and design drafting to permitting, registration and document management solutions.

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DS | DS serves as-built conditions measuring drawings. We take tape measures of residential houses, apartments, hotels, hospitals, and any kind of commercial buildings. We present quick and accurate measuring services. We measure buildings of any kind with a high level of accuracy very close tolerance levels. We have more than 10 years experience of measuring houses and all kind of other buildings.

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MINOR DETAILS | Minor Details is a team of associated professionals specializing in economical residential design & drafting services for today's demanding schedules. We strive to maintain a steady working relationship with our clients through our insightful design, work production, quality, accuracy for each individual project, and our specific attention to the "minor details".

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MCS | MCS has been providing top quality construction documentation services since 1995. The most crucial phase of any design, construction documents need to be both accurate and complete. Our staff of CADD technicians each possess an eye for completeness and an attention to detail.

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Just 4 Measure | Consulting, management and technical graphics to the building design and construction industry. With the consulting, management and graphic services comes 35 years experience in the building design industry by the founder and president, Dave Olufs.

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New York

Brian M. Curran | The drafting services consultant Brian M. Curran performs precise as-built documentation services. Based out of New York City Brian provides services in the Northeast Region of the United States.

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Memar | Memar Consultants Inc. is a corporation dedicated to providing our clients with high quality services in the dynamic North American market. Our services include, but are not limited to, as-built measuring, 3D as-built scan, area analysis, sun-shadow study, rendering, file conversion , Inventory audits and asset plans/tables.

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West Coast As Builts | One of the most important site details a prospective Commercial Tenant or Buyer needs is a dimensioned "As Built" floorplan depicting the current existing conditions of a building's interior layout.

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